Business of The Month - Touch of Summer

Each month I like to honor and make the community aware of a local company that is thriving, unique and worthy of your business. For fellow business owners, seeing other companies prosper, whether in your industry or not, is an extremely important resource to utilize and implement into your own company. I research other business models all the time to influence my business ingenuity, growth and development and viability.

This month I would like to extend awareness to Touch of Summer Spray Tanning.

What is this business?

Touch of Summer is a unique, health-conscious and organic alternative to the sun or tanning beds by offering organic spray tanning services in individual or package rates. Touch of Summer’s owner, Jennifer Meadows, also offers a variety of additional products for purchase like tan extenders and body washes to increase the life of the tan. 

Why do I like this business?

Touch of Summer capitalizes on the health-conscious aspects of tanning services and understands that you want that healthy glow without lasting damage and harmful side effects. Started in 2013 by owner Jennifer Meadows, her passion for consistent quality and client satisfaction has made this business flourish with loyal clients and the rapid growth of new business.

Whether you are in the market for a special event like a wedding or competition, or just wanting your skin to have a lasting healthy glow, Jennifer is committed to her clients every step throughout their experience. She is also extremely accommodating to your schedule by booking appointments at all hours of the day and night. Her business offers versatility and convenience that most tanning salons can’t or won’t offer. Jennifer receives so much consistent business because she conducts follow-ups post-tan to check in on the quality of the tan and satisfaction of each individual customer.

Also, in an industry that is based off of product usage, Touch of Summer has ingeniously been able to keep overhead costs relatively low in comparison to competitors, allowing for Jennifer to keep the quality of service she desires at a reasonable price-point for her clients.

Why should you like this business and check them out?

Not only does Touch of Summer stand behind their product and service by offering their clients 100% satisfaction, it is easy to book appointments with Jennifer. The services and products are also reasonably priced and promotions are offered often. I particularly like that she offers the Monday night special where you can try out her services for only $10! Make sure you bring a friend!

How do you contact this business?

Phone: 559.232.2770 



What advice does Jennifer give to other business owners out there?

Jennifer attributes much of her lasting success to others around her:

“I'd never be where I am today without the help and advice of others guiding me along the way and opening my mind to new ideas and strategies!” 

Also, she understands that she needs to have vision and direction with her business.

“Always remember to open your mind and see the ENTIRE vision of your business. Your customers are always changing and your business should reflect that. You just cannot see the present, you must see the past, present and future all together and be willing to change with your clientele.”

I believe her strategy as a business owner has attributed to her lasting success and we look forward to seeing her put her excellent ideas to work in the future. So this is why this month, I have honored this small business and feel that you should help Touch of Summer grow its success today!

Tips On Building Wealth

Many people have these lavish dreams of becoming wealthy, retiring young, traveling the world and owning a beautiful home. But most people aren’t taking the right steps in order to build their wealth. They are maxing out credit cards, refinancing their homes to buy vehicles, and deferring their student loans and putting them off.

In order to build wealth, you need to follow these tips:

1.       Diversify

Haven’t you heard of “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”? Well it’s completely true. Don’t make the mistake of investing in one stock or putting all of your money into one savings account. Diversify and separate your earnings. Invest in mutual funds for your stock portfolio. Mutual funds are a collection of stocks in different industries. This is important because if one industry takes a hit, other industries can pick up the slack and your loss is compensated. Same goes with other facets of your life.  Don’t just open a savings account at your current bank, do your research and invest in the highest yielding savings or money market account.

Remember: Putting your money in different places alleviates the chances of a total loss. Just don’t forget about where you put your money. ;)

2.       Take Risks

Many people don’t invest in the stock market or start their own company because they are scared. You can’t reap the rewards if you don’t take the risk!

I remember when I was starting my own business, in the beginning I really dragged my feet for fear of failure. I never knew that in my first month of operating, I would gross more than any of my previous employment opportunities combined. If I wouldn’t have taken the risk, I would not have seen that reward.

Also, human behavior is driven and motivated by risks, we actually thrive on it with the chances of succeeding. So if you are thinking of taking a leap of faith, talk to someone about your idea, weigh in your costs and benefits and take the plunge!

3.       Get Educated

Nothing is more foolish than investing in something you know nothing about. That’s more often worse than just not investing at all.

Whenever I look into a business I want to build a partnership with or invest in, I research all aspects of that business. Financials, long-term growth projections, competitors, etc. All of these aspects are equally important factors to the success of the company.

Or if you are investing in the stock market, don’t just look for the “hot stock of the week,” either get a financial advisor to assist you or do your own research. So get educated, do your research so you know that decision you are making is a smart one. The foolish decisions are the ones that will cost you most!

4.       Make Good Friends

Do you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet so you can afford your brand new car, beautiful home and lavish clothes in order to keep up with your friends? Unfortunately those friends aren’t the best influence on you and harm the balance of harmony you need in your life. Chances are they are in as much debt as you, if not more. Yeah they may have the nice things now but wouldn’t you rather make sacrifices today in order to make your money work for you tomorrow?

Instead of buying that new outfit or the newest model of your current car, live with your used vehicle and clothes and invest your money and pay into your future.

When you retire at 55, you will thank me, especially since your friends will be working another 20 years. If you can’t handle seeing your peers with all of those lavish expenses, trade them in for some friends that enjoy experiences over spending and that support your goals.

5.       Make Your Money Work for You

A few years ago I read an amazing book titled “Smart Couples Finish Rich” by David Bach. He is also the author of “The Automatic Millionaire” which is also great. He has a good theory that if you pay yourself first and make your money work for you, then that is progressively how you will build the most wealth.

Bach also goes on to state that by making small sacrifices now, you will reap the biggest benefits later. Most people think that they cannot afford to invest into a retirement because they are living paycheck to paycheck. Most people will unconsciously spend what they make if they don’t budget. That’s the importance of budgeting, (but I digress, that’s a whole other mater all together).

So now when you go into work on Monday, start by contributing just 3% of your earnings, (pre-tax income), to your company IRA or 401k. It will bring down your base earnings that you need to pay taxes on, all while helping you save for your future. Trust me, 3% isn’t a lot to start with when you think about it, ($3.00 for every $100.00 earned), and you can slowly increase over time to where you are at about 10 – 15% of your income. That builds the most wealth for your future.

6.       Get Out of Debt!

I saved this one for last because this one really needs to sink in. America’s culture accommodates spending and accruing debt. Everyone has it and most have a lot of it.

According to Tim Chen from, as of May 2015, the average American owes $15,609 in credit card debt. Unfortunately, this contradicts everything required to build wealth. You are sabotaging yourself when it comes to building the wealth you need for your future.

Whether you have a lot of debt or a little, start small by paying off little balances and build up to the largest debt. At least pay the minimum payments until you can work up to more because an even bigger problem than having debt is letting it go to collections.

I hope that these tips have helped you! Just remember wealth isn’t built overnight, it take years and years of strategic planning and good decision-making.

For more information or assistance on how to make the most out of your life, feel free to contact me at 559.706.1046 or

- Lisa Autry, owner of L. Autry Consulting & Scoping

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